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Staff Leasing



The Staff Leasing, or administration to indeterminate Time, consists in the supply of professional figures from part of orienta, guaranteeing flexibility to the companies and working continuity to the candidates.

Administration with resources assumed by the Agency for an indefinite period:

  • is an acausal contract (without any risk to the user company);
  • allows to use a dedicated percentage of 20% of the workforce present in the company, beyond the 30% minimum already provided for the administration to Time determined and that can however be supplied by the Agency with staff recruited to indeterminate Time;
  • may be interrupted by the user undertaking after a minimum period and at agreed notice.


Why choose it

For Companies

To choose the Leasing Staff means to have permanent staff without having the management that remains of exclusive competence of orienta. This is a project of synergy between orienta and the Customer, for which, from time to time, we evaluate the operating modalities to be carried out.


  • Integration of qualified personnel through delicate evaluation and loyalty processes;
  • Flexsecurity: flexibility for user companies and protection for permanent workers;
  • Alternative to spurious procurement and parasubordinate collaboration;
  • Savings on administrative management costs: caring and Welfare of workers;
  • Staff management and legal advice;
  • Redeployment in respect of Orienta;
  • Inclusion of resources in vocational apprenticeship.


For workers

With the leasing staff, a worker is regularly employed as an orient who, in turn, lends to a user enterprise which, in turn, places him on staff in a stable manner, without any form of contract and therefore without time constraints.


  • Right to basic working conditions of employment not less than those of employees of the same level of the head user;
  • Protection under the contract for an indefinite period;
  • Safety of the professional path through a personalized project of evaluation, management, development and relocation;
  • Welfare through income support, access to credit, health and maternity protection, additional economic treatment for territorial mobility and accidents at work.