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Ebitemp is the bilateral agency for temporary work created by the union of trade unions and business associations. 

Bilterality, as a means of providing temporary agency workers with modern forms of protection, is designed to alleviate the inconvenience of discontinuity in employment

The association was founded in 1998 with the conclusion of the first collective agreement in the sector through a contractual agreement between the trade unions Felsa Cisl, Nidil Cgil and UilTemp and Assolavoro. 

In July 2008 the contract renewal was signed, which provides for the creation of a real mini welfare sector, which aims to provide greater security in a system marked by discontinuity of work. 

In addition, a supplementary insurance fund has been set up for workers in administration. 

Ebitemp provides workers with a range of supplementary social benefits

Here is the list: 

  • Supplements in the event of an accident, 
  • Health and safety at work, 
  • Personal loans and loans, 
  • Maternity support and childcare allowance, 
  • Income support in the event of unemployment, 
  • Contribution for territorial mobility.