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The Orienta Group


The Orienta Group was founded in 1993 and since then we have been working for the growth of people and to be the engine of innovation in human resources.

We specialize in the services of administration, search and selection of personnel, leasing staff, training and outsourcing and offer HR advice in all fields of work.

“The passion, commitment, and attention to the customer, as well as the consistency in achieving our goals, has guided us for over 25 years: we currently count more than 60 direct branches in Italy with a turnover of over 250 million euros.

In 2015 the Orienta Group founded the company Orienta Polska operating in the Polish labor market, with several branches present in Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw, and in 2021 it became part of the Swiss market with Orienta Switzerland and Czech marketwith Orienta Czech.

In 2016, Orienta was recognized in the Borsa Italiana Elite programme, an international platform of the London Stock Exchange Group created with the aim of supporting the best Italian companies. This programme aims to accelerate the growth of companies through an innovative path of organizational development.

Eurotemps network. We can be found throughout Europe, thanks to the Eurotemps network. This partnership established with other foreign agencies, aims to offer HR services through an international network covering the main countries.


           "We connect people and opportunities"
           "We combine skills and innovation"


Our Strengths:
  • Loyalty of internal and external resources
  • Commitment to young people
  • Reliability
  • Guidance pathways Training and recruitment to meet labour market needs


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