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WelfJob - Orientamento al lavoro e welfare aziendale


WelfJob is the welfare service offered by Orienta.

The project was created to offer companies an innovative job guidance service for their employees' children. Insertible in the business welfare plans, the orientation to the job is between the welfare services more appreciated and with greater potentiality of increase.

Thanks to WelfJob parents can choose to help their children at a critical and important stage of their lives by opting for quality service at no additional cost.


The WelfJob Project, realized and provided by experienced training coordinators, lasts 24 hours and consists of 3 training days:

  • First dayWho I am and what I want for my future.  Transferring tools to help young people cope with the current labour market by learning about themselves and their own aspirations and attitudes.
  • Second dayResearch strategies to successfully promote oneself in the labour market. Transfer skills and strengthen job search tools.
  • Third dayManaging the interview successfully. Transfer tools to deal with job interviews in different contexts and with different stakeholders, including through ad hoc simulations.


WelfJob allows, at the end of the course, to include the young participants directly in the circuit of research and selection of staff active in the Orient.


For further information please contact:

Filippo Di Nardo - Orienta Youth & Welfare company Division Manager

E-mail:  [email protected]